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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Post My 1st Time....Taking Sides #10

 So this election was really intense for me because this was my first time voting. The last election I missed it by one year because I was 17 and also I didn't know much about polities to being with. But now I have a better understanding of polities and was able to speak my vote this election. I was at work for most of the day but I went to vote around 3pm. I had to all my friends and sister not to call of text me about the election or the polls, because I knew by the time I got off from work and back to school it would have already been announced how are president was going to be. When I walked passed the front desk of my dorm someone had told me that "HE" won but didn't say who "HE" was and I didn't want to hear the name until I saw the TV. Then my friend said "hey at lease your a republican!" and I turned back around say "WTH! No I'm not I'm a democratic!!" And at that moment I thought "Shit Mitt Romney won" When I walked into my dorm my best friend was yelling and jumping in my face saying "He won, He won, Obama Won!!"I started saying OMG OMG I though it was Mitt Romney that won, I can't believe it was Obama. I was thinking to myself that I was hopping for the best but expecting the worse.
As the night went on we continue to watch the polls come in, my sister called saying "OMG I can go to college now!", and half listen to Romney final speech. Then the moment Obama and his family came out the whole room was quite. Overall this election was the second biggest then in election history. And I feel proud to have been apart of it. That my vote and my voice was heard and we made a difference yet again.


  1. Those are some awesome pictures. I like the tweet because at some point I couldn't watch either so to stay in tuned I was on twitter seeing what was happening. And I also relate to you because last election I wasn't old enough to vote either.

  2. This was not my first time voting, but it was my first time voting in a presidential election. I missed it back in 2008 by about a month because of my late birthday. At the time, I couldn't decide if I would have voted for Obama, or voted independent simply because I did not want my parent's Republican vote McCain to win. Obama was the candidate I really would have wanted to vote for. But, my parent's conservative views has been imposed on me my whole life and their strong emotions in regards to the election made me believe that I just might feel guilty voting for a candidate they truly hated. Anyway, long story short I've learned to just go with my gut. Whether or not they realize it, having Obama as president is much better for them financially that having Mitt Romney would have been. And I agree with Denzel Washington, if Massachusetts didn't vote for Mitt Romney, then clearly he didn't do a very good job there!

  3. This was also my first time voting .... I was nervous but that was quickly over shadowed by the fact that I got to fill out a ballot. At one point I couldn't watch so i just watched twitter for the night.