Sunday, September 30, 2012

Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" by Rich

Okay so PLEASE BARE with me, I was totally lost and Confused when reading this :-( 

But what I understood was that Rich was pretty much believes that compulsory heterosexuality stands for we are bound to be heterosexual. Society is the main reason why we are they we are. Society influences the way we think, believe, feel, and how we are to love. But for lesbians they are not equal as heterosexual are. Rich states how lesbians frequently have to hide their orientation so they wouldn’t be victimized against in the workplace, or in society.
·      A few things that Rich pointed out that left me speechless were
o   Lesbians have been fired from institutions that were created by feminists
o   Lesbians have been fired from their jobs
o   Feminists novels, poems, writings are mainly heterosexual, and they don’t reference lesbians at all

Lastly She talks about lesbian presence by stating how lesbians do not actually exist in civilization. Rich goes on about how lesbians are not talked about society or in writings. And continues to repeated herself as the article goes which I still get more and more confused, but this is what I was able to pull from Ms. Rich.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taking Points #4 Middle Class

So Taking Points #4 was really fun I really enjoyed exploring the PBS website Since I knew it would it PBS and PBS is a kids network and website I went straight to the games. The game that stood out to me the most and that really made me laugh/think was the gamed called Chintz or Shag. Its a game that tests you on your class taste, like if you come from old money, blue collar, or smack dab in the middle class. And what it said about me had me thinking. As I was playing the game I wasn't thinking about any of those, I was picking things that reflects who I am and the things I like. From the game it told me that I had a mixer of mainly middle class.

So I guess people do not only judge you by the way you act, look, or personality, but by also what your home looks like. But when I think about it I feel its always been that way. I remember as a child growing up and even still now my mom always does something a little extra special to the house before we have guest come over. As for me I still want my home to reflect who I am as a person and not by the size of my wallet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Side Note

Just something I found that was really interesting, and had me thinking Obama should had been around for the first and second wave as well.

Team Obama: Women's reproductive rights

While reading this article President Obama made a lot of points on the issue on women's right on abortion. What he is fighting for the support that if a woman was rape then became pregnant she would have the choice/free well to abort the pregnancy if she choose to. As I quote Obama points out a very strong argument "We must also continue our effort to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedom, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams." I believe what he is getting at is that if men has the choice to walk away and not take responsibility of the child then why could the women be forced go on with the pregnancy, especially if it due to a fail birth control, broken condom, drunken night, or RAPE! If she feels it is the right thing to do then let her make her choice. No one doesn't have the right to force their opinion on any one. Especially on a women who has to make a life changing decision because of something that was not her fault. It is a very touchy and personal decision that should be let to the women and only the women, and if she seems help from family and friends than thats it. No outside who does't know the story or her background should put their input. And I believe that is what the president is fighting for in Women's Right.    

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oppression (SMH)

I liked how the article starts off saying that women are oppressed. But I also liked how it points that if women are oppressed than men must be oppressed as well. “Wish I believe is true.” If the women in the men lives are suffering and are not happy, what makes you believe that the men will have peace in their lives? Men are to be tough never show a sign of weakness but if a women was to be mean, bitter, angry, or dangerous they would say that she is oppressed. Stating that we as women are “difficult” or unpleasant to work with” (pg. 175) One thing that really caught my eyes was when they talked about women’s sexual actively, it seem that either way a women could not win. If she was to be heterosexual and was actively open with it, she would be punished in the form of criticism, snide and embarrassing remakes. She would have been labeled as an easy lay by all others. She would have to hide the fact that she is sleeping around with other man for her mom and dad. On the flip side if she were to refrain for heterosexual activity, she would be continually picked on and harassed by men who would try and talk to her. The labeled she would have being placed with would be frigid, uptight, man-hater, bitch, and/or cocktease. (pg. 175) But if she were to refrain for heterosexual activity those same parents of her would look at her funny as if she id not or will be popular with the men. “WOW!! And they wondering why women are oppressed, in a world fill with men there is no winning. Either women do what they would and get called out and looked down upon or do what the men want/say and get labeled as an easy lay.