Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking Sides #9 "Sex Positive"

So for starts the phrase “Sex Positive” I’m sure like some of you that was your first time hearing that. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word was “someone how thinks positive about sex”, or “someone who has a positive sexual experiment”. Come to find out I wasn’t so far-fetch from the truth, and that means I’m “Sex Positive” too. Because according to White anything related to sex is categorized as “Sex Positive”. White also explains a term called "Owning Our Desire"; watch to my understanding of not having sex too is also a good thing as well. 
When it comes down to her phrase “Slut-Shaming” all that really has to do is the wrong decisions people choose to make when it comes to sex. Like having sex with multiple people at once, sleeping around with a new person every night, sexing, making videos, telling everyone and their mom about what you can do in bed and whom you have done it to. If you kept all that business to yourself than no one would be calling you a slut.    

…lastly Wikipedia short and simple ALL FEMINISM ARE NOT LESBIANS!!! Thank you Wiki

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cinderella Ate My Daughter

OMG I freaking loved this article best one yet, because there are some many ways and things I can go with this article. What really stood out to me the most and has always been on my mind since I heard of subliminal messages from Disney; was how Disney is and will always be around us and our children now giving them hidden messages. Even Orenstein pointed it out as well. This article really got me in a chock hold, because growing up I had a lot of girly things. I had a play-room filled with Barbies, toys, dress, dolls, everything you could think of that a little girl could have as a child I pretty much had it. But Disney really does have the worse hand to play in the up-bringing of young girls today in this world. From disobeying your parents, running away from home, changing your body, lying to your friends, being with a guy you hardly know, and sitting around and let the Men take charge of who you are as a women.     
                                Here are two videos that help state my point...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taking sides #7: What are Little Boys made of??

This article I felt that it was just one big contradicting to itself.

The saying “Boys will be Boys” is the biggest understatement in this whole article. Saying that boys will always choose a form of violence when acting out or to solve their problems. Because of “Guys” testosterones this always them and gives them the reason to behave as such. [Gurian]

But both Gurian and Biddulph believe that the environment, which a boy grew up, is not the reason why boys act in such a violence and heinous matter. But it is in their biological coding. In the article they make a statement saying that if you let boys be who they are, than it would put them in the right path to a health direction; or in the author’s word “steer”. Really what a JOKE!!! So you are to tell me by letting them misbehave they will in the end be steer in the path of good. So to turn things back around if “steering” the boys is not caused by their testosterones than it would be the environment around them that influenced them. Yes testosterone cause boys to be aggresses but this is not the lonely factor to look out. 

What do you see/think about in these pictures?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Taking Side #6- Yamato, “Something About the Subject Makes it Hard to Name;”

While reading this article Yamato talks about how Color people only go through racism.
She writes about how deep-rooted oppression targeted groups such as physically, spiritually, and emotionally abused to the point that they believe that they are actually oppressed. She goes on to point out four types of racism that people may go through. My favorite out of the four points was that I always see a lot of is white people main white girls and how fascinated they are with color girl’s hair. They are like “OMG can I touch it?”, or “How do you make it so curly like that?”. But for me personally I don’t not think or believe that is a form of racism just because they want to touch our hair. If anything than the whole world should be races because I love to touch and play with Spanish girl’s and Japanese girl’s hair all the time. It’s more of a form of curiosity than anything let alone racism. White girls are curious about black girls hair, like I curious about white girls getting breast implants.  I don’t really agreed with what Yamato is saying but I understand what is she trying to say. She said that white people are the reason why colored people are oppressed, but race and class also plays a role into it as well. For example if you hear loud hood music playing in a car, the first thing that pops in your mind is a black person. But if you know the opera is in town they you would assume that only white people would be attending. I connected to they article pretty well because I see myself on point sides of the fence. It’s either one-day I think like a person of color or the next I think like a white person. But one thing I know for a DAMN fact is hat I AM NOT BEING OPPRESSED BY WHITE PEOLE OR BY ANYONE at that.