Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking Side #12: Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression

This is an add-on to what Kayla had argue in her blog.....

I agree with Kayla Ayvazian total argument was on point with the tittle. Oppression is not something that will die and never come back, it is like the circle of life everything is connected and will always grown and return. One person can try to stop the cycle of oppression but power are in numbers and the more that stands up the easier it will be to end oppression.  


This is kind of sad because this mean that class is coming to an end or should I say we are at the end now. Looking about on what I first wrote I can tell that I didn't know much and that I was also too lazy to write anything down. But now towards the end I had plenty to say and write. I guess since I didn't know much I didn't want to write BS on my paper. I feel like I know much more than I ever could thanks to this class. The one I talk to my friends the most about from class was Women Rights on reproduction and on legalization on marijuana. I loved this class and I can't wait to take the teens & media in the Spring :-)   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The F-word...Quote

Finkbeiner argues that feminist had made a big impact in history. She started by pleading her part in feminism & that at the age of 16 is was giving a "ring" that was suppose to represent the women in her family, who had also fought for the right of women's. She had said "that women should not ignore the past, but to ignore the achievements of the past is to underestimate the relative she relative fragility of women's contemporary status" 
this made me think that even though you have done things in your past that you may not be happy about you can never regret them or forget about it, because it made who you are today. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking Sides #11- Media & Ideology

This is a branch off from what Nancy had written about Media and Ideology: That now in the media teen pregnancy is like the all-new “It Factor.” That the media praise and accept under age sex and than these same young girls having baby at a very young age themselves. And for some reason why IDK if it is stupidly or just the American culture just wants something to talk about…these same girls getting pregnant are now becoming celebrities. Like really if all it takes to make it big in TV why don’t they do a MTV special on 21 and pregnant besides 16. 21 year olds have it just as hard as 16 and even worse, by that age you are in college or just about leaving, working two or three jobs, and trying to make on their own without their mom or dad. But no the world is more interested on young na├»ve girls and their baby drama. This is the ideology of Americans today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out of Class Videos

Gen M: Misogyny and Media Culture
So this was a through back for me, because I remember watching this video when I was in high school at my internship with Day One. There were a lot of points this film said that I had once over looked when I first saw it, and thought it would be good to write them down.
-it was said that women are trained to please man
-we should be air brushed to look prefect 
-sexy hot makeover tips are all over magazine  
-women are told that their empowerment comes thought their image, body, and sex...and those women who do not follow that guideline are out-casted 
-women have a second class status 
-women spend billions or dollars on make-up, dieting, exercise, and plastic-surgery 
-5.3 million case of domestic violence each year
-1,300 resulting in death
-over 200,00 cases of rape annually
-44% of victims under the age 18
-1 in 6 american women will be victims of physical or sexual assault in their lifetimes 
What this picture says "Is that in a NYC-bases artist has created an anatomical sculpture of Barbie, complete with internal organs, but Barbie digestive system doesn't quote fit (right image). The anatomical layout of a regular body (left) 

Greatest Silence: Rape in Congo
While watching A Rape in the Congo really put me in an off mood, I was really had for me to be able to sit in watch the whole thing. It made me feel so upset, angry, sad, and turned off by guys. Like why do theses men feel and think that it is okay to treat women that way. It makes me think that they don’t even love their own mother, if they are willing to beat, torture, rape, and even kill women without remorse.
The film was a documentary made in 2007 by Lisa F. Jackson who was also a victim of gang rape. Rape, in a British colonel, is a weapon of war, part of a destabilization covering the theft of valuable minerals. Theses girls and women were traumatized, injured, abandoned by husbands, pregnant, and effected with sexually disease. Thought Lisa Jackson herself was a rape victim in the Congo, she brought herself to ask the men one simple question…Why? And the men comment, “There is no end in sight.”  
The quote “There is no end in sight” means to me that, no matter how some of them might fight, stand up and say no, or try to turn their back against them it will never come to an end. That these women in the Congo will and are still continue to be raped, beaten, and even killed by the power of men.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Post My 1st Time....Taking Sides #10

 So this election was really intense for me because this was my first time voting. The last election I missed it by one year because I was 17 and also I didn't know much about polities to being with. But now I have a better understanding of polities and was able to speak my vote this election. I was at work for most of the day but I went to vote around 3pm. I had to all my friends and sister not to call of text me about the election or the polls, because I knew by the time I got off from work and back to school it would have already been announced how are president was going to be. When I walked passed the front desk of my dorm someone had told me that "HE" won but didn't say who "HE" was and I didn't want to hear the name until I saw the TV. Then my friend said "hey at lease your a republican!" and I turned back around say "WTH! No I'm not I'm a democratic!!" And at that moment I thought "Shit Mitt Romney won" When I walked into my dorm my best friend was yelling and jumping in my face saying "He won, He won, Obama Won!!"I started saying OMG OMG I though it was Mitt Romney that won, I can't believe it was Obama. I was thinking to myself that I was hopping for the best but expecting the worse.
As the night went on we continue to watch the polls come in, my sister called saying "OMG I can go to college now!", and half listen to Romney final speech. Then the moment Obama and his family came out the whole room was quite. Overall this election was the second biggest then in election history. And I feel proud to have been apart of it. That my vote and my voice was heard and we made a difference yet again.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking Sides #9 "Sex Positive"

So for starts the phrase “Sex Positive” I’m sure like some of you that was your first time hearing that. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word was “someone how thinks positive about sex”, or “someone who has a positive sexual experiment”. Come to find out I wasn’t so far-fetch from the truth, and that means I’m “Sex Positive” too. Because according to White anything related to sex is categorized as “Sex Positive”. White also explains a term called "Owning Our Desire"; watch to my understanding of not having sex too is also a good thing as well. 
When it comes down to her phrase “Slut-Shaming” all that really has to do is the wrong decisions people choose to make when it comes to sex. Like having sex with multiple people at once, sleeping around with a new person every night, sexing, making videos, telling everyone and their mom about what you can do in bed and whom you have done it to. If you kept all that business to yourself than no one would be calling you a slut.    

…lastly Wikipedia short and simple ALL FEMINISM ARE NOT LESBIANS!!! Thank you Wiki