Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Out of Class Videos

Gen M: Misogyny and Media Culture
So this was a through back for me, because I remember watching this video when I was in high school at my internship with Day One. There were a lot of points this film said that I had once over looked when I first saw it, and thought it would be good to write them down.
-it was said that women are trained to please man
-we should be air brushed to look prefect 
-sexy hot makeover tips are all over magazine  
-women are told that their empowerment comes thought their image, body, and sex...and those women who do not follow that guideline are out-casted 
-women have a second class status 
-women spend billions or dollars on make-up, dieting, exercise, and plastic-surgery 
-5.3 million case of domestic violence each year
-1,300 resulting in death
-over 200,00 cases of rape annually
-44% of victims under the age 18
-1 in 6 american women will be victims of physical or sexual assault in their lifetimes 
What this picture says "Is that in a NYC-bases artist has created an anatomical sculpture of Barbie, complete with internal organs, but Barbie digestive system doesn't quote fit (right image). The anatomical layout of a regular body (left) 

Greatest Silence: Rape in Congo
While watching A Rape in the Congo really put me in an off mood, I was really had for me to be able to sit in watch the whole thing. It made me feel so upset, angry, sad, and turned off by guys. Like why do theses men feel and think that it is okay to treat women that way. It makes me think that they don’t even love their own mother, if they are willing to beat, torture, rape, and even kill women without remorse.
The film was a documentary made in 2007 by Lisa F. Jackson who was also a victim of gang rape. Rape, in a British colonel, is a weapon of war, part of a destabilization covering the theft of valuable minerals. Theses girls and women were traumatized, injured, abandoned by husbands, pregnant, and effected with sexually disease. Thought Lisa Jackson herself was a rape victim in the Congo, she brought herself to ask the men one simple question…Why? And the men comment, “There is no end in sight.”  
The quote “There is no end in sight” means to me that, no matter how some of them might fight, stand up and say no, or try to turn their back against them it will never come to an end. That these women in the Congo will and are still continue to be raped, beaten, and even killed by the power of men.  

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