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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking Sides #11- Media & Ideology

This is a branch off from what Nancy had written about Media and Ideology: That now in the media teen pregnancy is like the all-new “It Factor.” That the media praise and accept under age sex and than these same young girls having baby at a very young age themselves. And for some reason why IDK if it is stupidly or just the American culture just wants something to talk about…these same girls getting pregnant are now becoming celebrities. Like really if all it takes to make it big in TV why don’t they do a MTV special on 21 and pregnant besides 16. 21 year olds have it just as hard as 16 and even worse, by that age you are in college or just about leaving, working two or three jobs, and trying to make on their own without their mom or dad. But no the world is more interested on young na├»ve girls and their baby drama. This is the ideology of Americans today.


  1. Hi Vicky,
    Seriously is overruling now, its like a new thing for teens. I think that the media is playing a big part in teens lives and society. Its crazy to think that the young kids are involved in more baby drama. Its true.

  2. The ideals of young girls are corrupt due to the fact that their trying to follow in the foot steps of their so called "role models".