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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking Side #12: Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression

This is an add-on to what Kayla had argue in her blog.....

I agree with Kayla Ayvazian total argument was on point with the tittle. Oppression is not something that will die and never come back, it is like the circle of life everything is connected and will always grown and return. One person can try to stop the cycle of oppression but power are in numbers and the more that stands up the easier it will be to end oppression.  


This is kind of sad because this mean that class is coming to an end or should I say we are at the end now. Looking about on what I first wrote I can tell that I didn't know much and that I was also too lazy to write anything down. But now towards the end I had plenty to say and write. I guess since I didn't know much I didn't want to write BS on my paper. I feel like I know much more than I ever could thanks to this class. The one I talk to my friends the most about from class was Women Rights on reproduction and on legalization on marijuana. I loved this class and I can't wait to take the teens & media in the Spring :-)   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The F-word...Quote

Finkbeiner argues that feminist had made a big impact in history. She started by pleading her part in feminism & that at the age of 16 is was giving a "ring" that was suppose to represent the women in her family, who had also fought for the right of women's. She had said "that women should not ignore the past, but to ignore the achievements of the past is to underestimate the relative she relative fragility of women's contemporary status" 
this made me think that even though you have done things in your past that you may not be happy about you can never regret them or forget about it, because it made who you are today.