Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking Sides #9 "Sex Positive"

So for starts the phrase “Sex Positive” I’m sure like some of you that was your first time hearing that. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word was “someone how thinks positive about sex”, or “someone who has a positive sexual experiment”. Come to find out I wasn’t so far-fetch from the truth, and that means I’m “Sex Positive” too. Because according to White anything related to sex is categorized as “Sex Positive”. White also explains a term called "Owning Our Desire"; watch to my understanding of not having sex too is also a good thing as well. 
When it comes down to her phrase “Slut-Shaming” all that really has to do is the wrong decisions people choose to make when it comes to sex. Like having sex with multiple people at once, sleeping around with a new person every night, sexing, making videos, telling everyone and their mom about what you can do in bed and whom you have done it to. If you kept all that business to yourself than no one would be calling you a slut.    

…lastly Wikipedia short and simple ALL FEMINISM ARE NOT LESBIANS!!! Thank you Wiki


  1. I agree that maybe you shouldn't tell everyone what goes on the the bedroom, but I also don't think people have to right to judge people because they have sex the way the want to.

  2. I agree that all feminists are not lesbians. But to be more specific I believe that all female feminists are not lesbians because males can be feminists as well. Which also brings up the point that not all male feminists are gay. It's sucks that when we think of feminism we think and question ones sexual orientation because heterosexuality is so compulsory. As compulsory as it is, is why I think it is the reason why people start to state that people become feminists if and when they're gay, lesbians, transgender, queer etc.